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April 21, 2018


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Mary L

Thank you for telling us about your birthday trip! I really enjoy your adventures. I didn't know the Barnwood folks were located there. We visited the Greenbriar (just for the day) a few years--before the renovations. We need to go back!

Terri  D

Great post!

Lee T.

Looks like a great trip. Did you get to tour the bunker?


No Lee that's still on our to-do list.

Cynthia Wotasek

It is a beautiful place. I enjoyed hearing and seeing the pictures of your trip.

Doris D.

What a wonderful day doing what you love. The Greenbriar is like our Homestead (VA) and I love that. Does the Greenbriar still have the miniature doll house? We took our daughter to see it when she was little.


Wow. So enjoyed your day adventures...the Barn guys should submit to HGTV. Bet it would be a hit.. love tulips.. Greenbrier looks better than I remember...


Thanks Doris and Lois - and Doris - not certain - we only went inside the main building and did not venture far so I do not know if that doll house is still there and Lois - it looks better because Governor Justice, the present owner, "spruced" it up as I understand. It needed it.

Terri C

It sounds like you had a wonderful day. The tulips are beautiful.

Mary Alice Bellis

My husband and I have decided to take a road trip east this summer. He wants to head towards Maine, but not I think I need to head toward West Virginia. I am going to print out your blog today to use as my travel guide. Thanks for the great stories.


Ha! Mary Alice - tell him he is missing an awfully good state to visit - Maine is beautiful also but you just can't beat West Virginia!

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