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June 17, 2017


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Mary L

Thank you for sharing your journey in my old home state. Route 40 was our only route to Washington, DC, for many years--it was a memorable route, with several hairpin turns & a few overlooks. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit. When you were at Ft Necessity, did you notice Summit Inn? That's one of our favorite spots. They now offer lodging in tree houses (that sounds like something you two would like).

Lee T

Wow! Those are some beautiful carvings. I'm with you on the prices, also understanding the time & talent to do that.


Oh wow, that carved chicken was clucking your name I think! What a great job!


Thanks for stopping by and the honey is delicious. We hope you will come by again...and soon. Nice carvings. I like the owl. The tree house mentioned above was featured on a TV show. Really interesting.


Oh yes, Casey - would have liked to have brought that chicken home with me!!!


Carol and Mary - I wish I had known about the tree houses - before we went up there- I would have checked those out!

Mary Alice Bellis

I love the chainsaw carvings. I wish I had the eagle, and those chickens, too. I wish they weren't so pricey, but it is hard work and only fair. I have a chainsaw bear, only the head out of a stump that the grandkids gave me. They like to color him with sidewalk chalk, which washes away so they can do it over and over again. My friend has a really great bear by her front door with a sign in his paws that says Welcome, and reverses to say Go Away.


Thanks, Mary Alice - love the Welcome and Go Away bear!!! Awesome idea-especially for door to door sales people!

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